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Description Plus minus 23:

Two friends from the region decided to go to the capital to admire New Year Yerevan and have fun. They buy a used scooter and start riding around the square. At this time, near the main Christmas tree, the advertising agency is conducting a presentation of its products. Praising their creation, the boss of the agency does not realize that trouble is approaching in the form of two friends on a scooter without brakes. At the moment of turning on the light, a collision occurs and the illuminated numbers are broken, causing damage in the amount of 23,000,000 drams. Friends take hostages and demand compensation for the damage, as the municipality refuses to pay because the agency did not fulfill the contract. However, other clients considered it a creative advertising move and demanded that the guys appear in their advertisement. Feeling that not everything is lost, the boss decides to hire the guys for work and make up for the lost money.

  • Producer: Gevorg Yenokyan
  • Actors: Vahe Beglaryan, Zara Sahakyan, Vahe Zeroyan, Sona Matevosyan, Ono Manukyan, Louise Nersisyan, Rafael Kazanchyan.
  • Year: 2023
  • Country: Армения

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