We cannot see the paths that fate leads us on, and nothing simply happens along this path. When our dreams don’t align, we are even willing to go against the whole world because among them is the one, the only one we need. They say parents are needed to understand life, and friends to understand the world. Any difficulty is tolerable and conquerable when there are friends by our side. This is a story about how they shattered the stereotype that the absence of family cannot be compensated for. These are good friends. Strong will, dreams, and a little adventure—what else do young people need to achieve their common goals?

  • Year: 2023
  • Country: Armenia
  • Director: Rafael Ogannisyan
  • Actors: Mery Kocharyan, Hrant Hovsepyan, Dalita Avanesian, Boris Melqonyan, Nelli Kheranyan, Sevak Santrosyan, Manvel Khachatryan.

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