This is the story of a girl named Agapi. Her name means “love” in Hebrew. And like her name, she is full of love: love for everything, for relatives, for friends, for her home. She loves, is loved and is happy everywhere surrounded by universal adoration. But she could not imagine that love could cause suffering and torment, make her hate and betray, make her an outcast and become unrecognizable to loved ones. Agapi’s love for a young man leads to unpredictable consequences, since he is not accepted by her relatives, but by her-his environment. Fate has prepared for them ruthless trials that lovers must pass …

  • Year: 2022
  • Country: Armenia

Producer: Elena Arshakyan

Actors: Inna Khojamiryan, Gosh Akopyan, Samvel Danielyan, Anait Ghukasyan, Hmayak Akobyan, Syranush Ladjyan, Ervin Amiryan.

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