A new and long-awaited telenovela from the creators of Every Year in the Spring, Our Neighbor Boys and other popular projects. This is a story about love, betrayal and remorse. From the name it is clear what caused the betrayal, but the fact that it is continuous, at every step and on the part of loved ones – life becomes unbearable. Such a life went to Lilith. First – failed love, then – betrayal of the mother, who, in order to pay off debts, gives false evidence against the girl and she is accused of murder. This is followed by arrest and a prison cell. The dramatic and emotional plot makes you involuntarily think about life, about all the negative phenomena that surround us.

  • Year: 2022
  • Country: Armenia

Producer: Elena Arshakyan

Actors: Telman Khachatryan, Mary Hakobyan, Eteri Voskanyan, Arsen Levonyan, Hayk Petrosyan, Tatev Melkonyan, Ervin Amiryan.

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